“RRoscoe Vacant & the Gantin' Screichs "Reckurdt" CD coverECKURDT” 12-track album (CD and download, 2011)

Our 12-track album “Reckurdt” is now once again available to buy online!

You can buy a physical copy of the album from the Roscoe Vacant Bandcamp site at , featuring exclusive artwork by the photographer Gareth Dawid.

The CD is available for £4 + p&p, and has been professionally manufactured to the highest standard and includes a full colour four-page booklet with lyrics, pictures and more.

The full album is now available for streaming in the player below, or alternatively at , where physical and digital copies are also available for purchase.  You can buy the album direct from us HERE, for £4 + p&p.

“Roscoe Vacant & the NoMen / Steve Treatment” split cassette (2013)

Limited edition cassette - Roscoe Vacant/Steve Treatment split featuring The NoMen on Topplers RecordsIn early 2012, myself and long-time Steve Treatment collaborators The NoMen began discussing the possibility of recording some covers of songs by the DIY punk legend.  I began pulling together some very basic arrangements of a few songs I particularly liked from his extensive catalogue of unreleased and limited release material.  In September 2012 myself and the NoMen finally got together to record 3 covers.  The NoMen added a gallon of madness to my arrangements, and Steve Treatment himself contributed 4 new songs and guest vocals on our version of “New Youth Society Generator” via dictaphone.  The tape is available to buy HERE or via the player below.

“I have not led a blameless life” EP (limited edition, 2012 – NOT AVAILABLE)

A limited edition 4-track single was previously available for purchase through Newtown Products.

Once again, the release featured exclusive artwork by Gareth Dawid, however for the first time this release was presented in handmade packaging by minim.  Physical CDs were limited to 25 copies, and are unfortunately no longer available.

“MOGUR [live & perjurious]” EP (download-only, 2010)

You can also still download our free and rough as a badger’s hindend acoustic EP, “MOGUR [live & perjurious]” recorded live on 14th December 2010.

Roscoe Vacant & the Gantin' Screichs "MOGUR [live & perjurious]" cover

1. Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats mp3
2. Not Repented mp3
3. Misery Loves Company mp3
4. All in the Reel of the Summer mp3
5. Dehydration Blues mp3
6. Static Voices Trace the Dark mp3

OR DOWNLOAD ALL TRACKS and cover art in a single file HERE!

Artwork by Gareth Dawid.

“Nothing’s going to change”/”Escape from Doom Valley” EPs (CD/download, 2009)

“Nothing’s Going To Change” is a 6-track acoustic punk EP, recorded between March and June 2009, while the last 4 tracks are from the “Escape from Doom Valley” live EP, recorded during a 2008 radio session.

1. Eve of War
2. Four More Years
3. Nothing’s Going to Change
4. Barley Bree (Trad.,
Robert Burns/Allan Masterton)
5. Misery Loves Company
6. All in the Reel of the Summer
7. Eve of War (live)
8. Tight Knot of October (live)
9. Pins & Needles (live)
10. Today is not the day (live)


DAVE HUGHES/ROSCOE VACANT split LP (CD/download 2009)

This LP was recorded and put together just prior to myself and Dave’s March 2009 tour, and features 6 tracks each.  Dave Hughes’ side features Moritz Beahm on violin, while my side features 1978 Scottish punk legends The Zips and alt.blues master Dave Arcari.

Please feel free to share, stick on mixes, whatever. Click HERE for free download.

Dave Hughes/Roscoe Vacant Split LP

1. The sinner and the saints (DAVE HUGHES feat. Moritz Beahm)
2. Love and hate (DAVE HUGHES)
3. Malaga airport (DAVE HUGHES)
5. Evermore (DAVE HUGHES)
6. On our own (DAVE HUGHES)
7. Misery Loves Company (ROSCOE VACANT feat. THE ZIPS)
8. Indian Summer (ROSCOE VACANT feat. THE ZIPS)
9. Talk of the Town (ROSCOE VACANT w/ Thomas on Sax)
10. Incognito Chinese Blues (ROSCOE VACANT feat. DAVE ARCARI)
11. Non-denominational (ROSCOE VACANT feat THE ZIPS)
12. Help save the youth of Cumnock and Doon Valley (ROSCOE VACANT w. DAVID BURNS)

Cover artwork by humanitarian photojournalist Phil Behan, used with kind permission.

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  2. murdo says:

    Rock. Roll. Art. Fucking marvellous.

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